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Covid-19 Premises Contact Tracing

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Facilitates contact tracing by using the information provided in your registration and the capture visitor movement out of your premises. This information is only available to the COVID XXXXXX call centre or other such authorised body for sole purposes of tracing. The tools for such tracing is provided for free by SoftStuff.

Covid Register

Register your premises with the COVID Cloud base.

  • First time use you ill be prompted for details.
  • Once registered you will no longer need COVID Register unless you want to change store details such as contact details.

Covid Staff

Each employee monitoring ingress/egress using their own phone.

  • First time you will be prompted to select the store you are monitoring.
  • Then enter the phone number of a visitor and press “next”.
  • If the visitor is already known all their details will be presented.
  • Merely add necessary details.
  • Press Large Accept button and you are ready for the next visitor.

Using the same process you can capture visitors leaving your premises.